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Good Luck Charms

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Size: 24″ diameter circle
Material: Acrylic Paint, Crystals, Epoxy on Wood.
Artist: Billie Colley
Year: 2019

Description: “Good Luck Charm” is an original abstract painting by Billie Colley. This original acrylic and epoxy wall-art represents Billie’s love of the Turkish good luck charms. Good luck charms are widely known in the Middle East.  It is built with many layers of acrylic paint, epoxy, and local crystals. It was built on furniture grade plywood and the back of the disk is sealed with paint and epoxy.


Billie Colley:  The color explosion is an abstract representation of Billie’s vision. Billie is an outstanding exponent of the equality between the fine and decorative arts. Almost all of her paintings are accomplished within an architectural framework that is a result of her architectural education. This original abstract wall decor took six months to complete and, It is a pure contemplation of Billie’s vision. 


Billie was born in Istanbul. She lived in London from 1987 until 1997 and currently a resident in North Carolina. Her abstract paintings have characteristics of brilliant colors that are so dynamic that they would function as a structure.  Her influence of color sprouted when she was working for Colefax & Fowler, a prominent Interior design company, in London. But ultimately, her choices are based on the Mediterranean’s bold, intriguing array of turquoise color, the dark and volatile greys of the moody English weather, and the hot, forever shining North Carolina sun. 


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