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The Dog- Coffee Table

The Dog- Coffee Table - A
The Dog- Coffee Table - B
The Dog- Coffee Table - C
The Dog- Coffee Table - D
The Dog- Coffee Table - E
The Dog- Coffee Table - F


Size: 25″ x 55″ x 21″ 
Weight: 75 lb.
Baltic Burch Plywood, Oils, and 1/2″ tempered glass.

Artist: Phillip Ingold
Year:  2019

Description: “The Dog” is an original abstract sculptured coffee table by Phillip Ingold. This piece was layered with hundreds of plywood pieces and carved to shape by hand. And once sanded to perfection, oiled until the sheen was achieved.  Finally crowned with a large piece of tempered glass for safety.  It has a magnificent presence in the room and it cannot be moved easily.  

Phillip Ingold:  A world traveler, who has a great appreciation in other cultures’ art, architecture. With a keen eye for detail and education in architecture, not to mention amazing talent, Phillip’s paintings and sculptures are true work of art. Phillip has been building houses for the past 25 years, and just like his sculptures and furniture, his buildings are expressive and beautiful. His choice of media is wood and metal.  And his forms may not always follow function.  The work shows of his background in architecture, construction, and art. He is a truly talented artisan.

Phillip was born in Greensboro. While he was studying architecture, he spent summers traveling the world. He was fascinated by Spanish architecture and he particularly loved Gaudi’s influence on Barcelona.  and just like Gaudi, Phillip’s furniture and sculptures are organic, expressive and respectful of its materials. 

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