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Tree of Life

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Size: 28″ Diameter
Material: Acrylic Paint and epoxy on furniture grade plywood.
Artist: Billie Colley
Year: 2019

Description: “The Tree of Life” is an original abstract painting by Billie Colley. This is a great example of modern art which represents the traditional shape, and color of a tree with structured acrylic paint collage and epoxy layers.  

About Billie Colley: Billie was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She furthered her education—mostly in architecture—in London, England, where she lived for 10 years. During that time she worked for Colefax&Fowler a prominent interior design company. It was while there that she learned how color influences every facet of our lives. For the last 20-plus years, Billie has resided in North Carolina.

Color explosion is an abstract representation of Billie’s vision. She is an outstanding exponent of understanding the relationship between fine and decorative arts; it is that connection that defines her style as a modern artist. And the correlation between left and right brains (architect and artist) is perfectly represented in her contemporary art.

Where does her inspiration come from? Ask Billie, and she will tell you that her work has been shaped significantly by the various countries in which she has lived: Mediterranean Turkey with its stunning variety of turquoise hues; the often dark and volatile grays of the unpredictable English weather; and the mountains and streams of North Carolina that alternately bake under the unremitting summer sun and sparkle under the white frosts of winter.

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